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Learning to Innovate

Learning to Innovate

Our business runs on innovation. Without it, we couldn’t possibly realise the amazing ideas our clients bring us. There’s one place within our workspace that is solely dedicated to innovation: our Technology Centre. This is a hub of inventive and often ingenious solutions to the many technical challenges that come our way.

With over 2,000sqm of space, our Technology Centre is also where we develop, manufacture and test our Automation hire kit. We have over 120 items available for hire including winches, hoists, lifts and revolves as well as consoles, power packs and drives. Our team develop and test systems, software and hardware to ensure our automation projects deliver unforgettable events and ceremonies for audiences all over the world.

We caught up with Adam Edgar, the newest member of the Automation Team over at the Technology Centre.
We were curious as to how and why he joined Stage One, in particular, what drew him to the Automation Team. Adam highlighted his life-long fascination with all things engineering, how he’s always liked to take things apart and find out how they work – a pretty good give-away sign for any engineer.

And he’s in good company in this respect, as our very own Head of Automation, Mark Jackson, revealed in his Stage One Story.

Back to Adam. He’s been with us around three months now, long enough to get the measure of the non-too conventional life and work here at Stage One. Watch the video below to find out more about Adam, our Technology Centre, the Automation Team and the highly skilled tasks that they take on.

The wealth of specific knowledge, experience and skill in this department allows us to fulfil the brief for complex technical projects entirely in-house.
You can find out more about our Technical Team and the spectacular projects they help to produce here.

Author: Adam Edgar interviewed by Hannah Stirling