Stage One

Mark Ager Partners With Stage One

[November 19, 2021, Yorkshire, UK]

Stage One Creative Services are the consulting, construction, and manufacture experts behind some of the world’s most impressive live events including multiple Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies and World Expos. Today Stage One are announcing a new partnership with automation specialist Mark Ager, who will take an Associate Consultant role.

Despite already having automation abilities tested on the world’s stage. The partnership is intended to boost Stage One’s automation capabilities even further. Mark brings an incredible depth of expertise in automation, while his breadth of experience will help deliver more bespoke automation work.

As creative ideas for events become more ambitious, Stage One is increasingly prepared.

Providing creative construction, manufacture, and engineering for a diverse range of industries for over 30 years, Stage One has a broad and unconventional portfolio. They have collaborated with some of the world’s most creative minds for ceremonies, entertainment events, brand communications, the arts, and architects; most recently for Expo 2020 and UAE’s 50th National Day celebrations.

With 35 years of experience, Mark Ager is an industry leader in automation innovation for live entertainment. Best known for designing some of the first modern automation systems, his expertise has seen him play a key role in the engineering development of the innovative Bridge Theatre, London and establish one of the foremost suppliers of live entertainment automation systems, Stage Technologies. In 2009 he and co-author John Hastie published ‘Automation in the Entertainment Industry: A User’s Guide’, the reference book for professionals and students of automation. His qualifications include an MSc in Robotics and Industrial Automation, and an MA in Physics from Oxford University. He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical Technology.

Quote from Mark Ager:
I’m honoured and excited to be supporting Stage One. Mark, Tim, and Karl have built an incredible team, that deliver world class projects! I really am looking forward to being part of the adventure.

Quote from Tim Leigh:
In the world of automation there are few individuals who are as experienced as Mark. I’m delighted to have him on our team and excited about the opportunities this will bring.