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Stage One's Life on TV

Stage One’s Life in TV

Our work in TV goes back a long way. Almost thirty years, in fact. And we’ve seen a lot of changes. While technology has moved on beyond anything we could have imagined, the medium of TV has also morphed from a benign and friendly box in the corner of the living room to a screen in our pocket, on our desk, on a plane, train and well, in just about every room anywhere.

We no longer grapple with the vertical hold or ‘snow’ on the screen. Digital screens are crisp and clear, and although small on our phones, they are much, much larger at home. Crisp, clear and big? Harsh critics indeed. These days, every detail matters.
Account Handler Rob Green explains:

“Set and lighting design has changed – it’s all about lighting, video and automation. And these days cameras can pick up on details they never used to. Audiences at home have high expectations of what they see on their screens and the quality of surface finishes needs to be really high and attention to detail – trims, high-gloss finishes and so on, all really matter. It’s all important and all factored in to how we approach the work.”

He goes on to say,

“When we build sets, our clients get the full benefit of everything Stage One has to offer – automation from our technology centre, all the traditional skills, our knowledge of specialist finishes, the latest innovative technology. Not only do we have some pretty nifty kit out there in the workshops, but we’ve got the expertise too. The whole lot can come into play depending on the set.”

Watch the video to hear more from Rob and find out how we bring TV set and lighting designs to life.

Author: Emma Tinsley interviewing Rob Green