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Our Facility

With over 14,000 square metres of space at our facility in Tockwith, we have the ability to deliver projects at a broad range of scale. At the heart of this operation are three hangars that provide us with the space to innovate, experiment and manufacture. From a single circuit board to a 42m scenic icebreaker, our production facility is the environment in which ideas are brought to life.

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The Hangars

Walking through the doors of our hangars opens up a world that feels both industrial and experimental. The interior space is divided into a series of workshops that each provide different functions. Once described by Thomas Heatherwick as ‘like a James Bond gadget workshop’, we like to think that visitors to our facility are left with a strong sense of creativity, capability and scale.

Wood Shop

Our wood shop combines traditional joinery skills with the latest machinery and manufacturing techniques. This allows us to fulfil a wide range of requirements from the artisan and intricate, to large-volume production runs. Typically, output from the wood shop will include staging, treads and rostra through to exhibitions, shop fitting, furniture and bespoke sculptures.

All of this output is underpinned by a carefully controlled workflow that involves detailed drawing, efficient purchasing, part numbering, finishing and packaging. Combining the skills of the wood worker with precise project control makes for a fast and efficient department.

Metal Shop

Our ferrous and non-ferrous metal fabrication capabilities provide a fully comprehensive range of services from machining individual components and manufacturing light gauge tubular structures, through to scenic construction and heavy gauge structures such as mezzanines and truss frames.

We work with all manner of materials from light gauge electric resistance welded tube to heavy steel and platework. We can provide many different finishes such as primers, paints, shot-blasting or powder coating.

Our workshops are comprehensively equipped with milling, turning, rolling and water-jet cutting technology, allowing our operators, machinists and welders to manufacture whatever a project requires, accurately and quickly.


Paint Shop

Because we encounter such a broad range of projects, we need to be able to satisfy the equally broad range of variables regarding paint application, curing, durability of finish and appearance.

The paint shop is able to deliver a wide assortment of paint finishes including polyurethane finishes, polyvinylidene fluoride paint (PVDF), metal paint finishes, scenic & decorative paint finishes, powder coating and two-pack paint finishes.

Electrical Workshop

Our Electrical workshop provides us with a facility to build control systems for much of what we create. From simple switches, to PLC, right through to the custom circuit boards that underpin our Qmotion system, this is the place where the design and manufacture of our eletronic technology takes place.

Technical Department

Our Technical Department provides us with electrical engineering expertise that allows us to create control systems for the projects we deliver. This capability extends to software development and circuit board design in additional to more conventional electrical engineering skills. Inevitably this department is highly innovative, allowing us to provide clients with a full service automation and control proposition.

CNC Machining Centre

Our multi-axis CNC machines are operated by highly skilled technicians who know how to get the most out of them and are proficient in all the latest Rhino, Alpha-Cam, SolidWorks and 3D AutoCAD software.

This complement of equipment enables us to machine a wide range of materials from low-density polystyrene through to stainless steel. Typically wood products are processed on the 3-axis machines, foam products on the 5-axis machines and complex metal turning, milling and drilling processes are performed using our 16-axis CNC equipment.

Machine Shop

Within our hangars are myriad machines designed to carry out a diverse range of highly specialist tasks. While these machines are often bought for use on specific projects, they then become available in our arsenal of equipment. Notably, this specialist equipment includes machines for the cutting, forming, shaping and controlling of materials: the list is growing all the time.

A comprehensive list of our specialist machinery can be found here.

3D Printing Lab

Our 3D scanning and printing lab gives us a broad view of the digital manufacturing process. Here, we capture the form of physical objects, creating digital models which are analysed and manipulated before being realised in a wide range of 3D printed materials.

From tiny muscle biopsy samples, to towering mountains for Baku 2015, this innovative technology means we can make things with a precision unmatched by traditional methods.

Composites Studio

This area provides a clean environment for the laying up, curing and finishing of a range of composite materials. We’ve used composites in various scenic and architectural applications where complex geometries preclude the use of traditional materials.

From sculptures and furniture; to a semi-translucent pavilion or one comprising hundreds of complex high-gloss panels, our Composite Studio works hand in hand with our Interpretation team to achieve both form and finish.

High Quality Finishing

This facility provides a clean, dust-free environment for the preparation, application and curing of a wide range of High Quality finishes. The space provided by our three Hangars allow us to adapt our facilities according to the size and scope of individual projects.

This area includes spray booths, curing ovens and dedicated Pro-spray paint mixing and provides a range of high-spec automotive finishes on items ranging from props to pavilions to pods.

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Our People

Stage One employs more than one hundred and seventy five people across a wide range of roles. Find out more about our ten core teams across the following pages.

Costing & Analysis

The costing and analysis team provides the initial point of contact for all project enquiries. The eight-strong team works with clients to understand project requirements, establish feasibility, perform consultancy and determine associated costs and timelines.

Despite its relatively small size, this team brings sufficient skill and experience to be able to discuss requirements that span all of the disciplines that we offer. This team handles the client relationship until the point at which the project is commissioned and handed over to our production team.

Project Management

Delivering difficult projects with challenging deadlines can only be done with the help of experienced and disciplined project management. Our core Project Management team is ten strong and this is often supplemented by the use of resources from within the costing and analysis team, as well as from a pool of trusted freelance Project Managers.

Regardless of the project type, our approach to project management remains consistent and is reinforced by our internal systems and processes. Our ISO 9001 accreditation acknowledges the strength of our Project Management and we continually seek to improve the way we run projects through the business.

CAD Team

For the majority of our projects, the CAD team is where production really begins. They take the creative ideas of our clients and begin to develop them for manufacture. Our eight-strong team use the latest AutoCad software suite for design development and detailing.

Having an in-house CAD team allows us to collaborate with clients and visually describe how we’ll bring their ideas to life.This process helps to establish the most appropriate approach to manufacture and construction, introducing a rigorous digital workflow that means whatever is drawn, is delivered.




Production Team

At heart, Stage One are makers. This philosophy runs deep, often meaning that we create everything for a project – right down to the last component part. Doing this effectively means having access to the broadest range of machinery and employing the very best makers.

The Production Team is the biggest single team in our organisation and delivers the hands-on making. This team includes the following departments: crew chiefs, metal working, wood working, painting, covering and stores.

Machining Team

Operating equipment in the machine shop requires a potent blend of skill, experience and craft. The range of machines in our armoury is vast and extends from traditional lathes to the latest in 3D printing technology.

On this basis, our machine operators have to be multi-skilled and adaptable. By understanding the exact capabilities of our equipment, they have significant input in the way we design and manufacture project components. The core team of ten machine operators is able work to production schedules that often require the machines to be working around the clock.

Technical Team

Our Technical Team comprises six engineers with a huge depth and breadth of experience. These are the people that deliver some of the most technically demanding work that we are asked to do.

This team is responsible for the design and manufacture of bespoke pieces of stage engineering from large lifts and revolves to winches and hoists.

Using their experience to drive innovation, this team finds new ways of solving the technical problems and challenges that each project brings.

Automation Team

The Automation & Control team are responsible for designing and implementing the control systems that underpin all of our engineering projects. Each brief is unique and may range from flying multiple performers in a stadium, to automating an Olympic cauldron.

This five-strong team comprises engineers, electricians, mathematicians and programmers who together devise ingenious ways to control the movement of elements within the design of a project. It is the blend of these disciplines that really gives this team the edge when it comes to solving new and unexpected project challenges.


With such a large facility to manage, the task of controlling stock, materials, plant and equipment is significant. Our operations team ensures the efficiency of the Stage One machine by offering support to individual project teams and the business at large.

This three-person team is a small but integral part of the business and keeps things running smoothly.

Site Management

Safe and efficient on-site operations are critical to successful project delivery. To this end, the Site Management team ensure that the correct on-site infrastructure is in place for our crews. In addition to infrastructure and safety considerations, this team also handles staff accreditation, welfare and accommodation as required.

Our Site Management Team comprises Health & Safety experts and Project Coordinators. This small but experienced team supports all of our projects regardless of their location.


Our crews are responsible for on-site installation, operation and de-rig of projects. We are able to deploy crew to almost any location across the globe and can put together teams that will operate a shift system, enabling 24 hour operation.

The mix of skills within a crew will be largely dependent on the nature of the project; tenacity and pragmatism however, are supplied as standard.

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