Stage One

Johnnie Walker Princes Street

A render of the atrium was designed with screens fixed within the panelling like a digital art piece

Due to the scale of the atrium, the team fixed a rigging point at the very top, concealed above the design, allowing the team to abseil down the wall to conduct maintenance.

Casks of discovery

The highly detailed flooring was sophisticated in its design and required a detailed assembly instruction manual for the installation crew as each piece was individually fitted

Bringing it to Life

The interactive table was a key, central point within the room

Keep Walking

A star attraction within the experience

Keep Walking is a live performance experience that included a travelator to enhance the history and storytelling, allowing the actor to move about the space with ease, creating the iconic ‘walking’ statue synonymous with the Johnnie Walker brand.

Early render supplied by BRC Imaginations Ltd.

To create a wow factor, alongside the travelator assisting the performer to move about the space, the globe and table were also on drive carriages, allowing them to be individually programmed to move freely about the space on cue.

Landscape of Flavour

Every aspect and layering of detail was thoughtfully considered throughout the design

One of the main features was a suspended ceiling framing which comprises four ‘quadrant units’. Each unit was bolted to a steel frame, which is suspended from the ceiling slab soffit. An MDF board cut to the shape of the Scotland map was suspended from the steel framing. The frame also supports a number of projector units. The units themselves are steel ERW frames, with plywood skeleton framing and bendy-ply skin. These units are bolted to the steel single frame. The entire frame has been suspended from the existing ceiling slab soffit by 10mm steel rods.

Image BRC Imaginations Ltd

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