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Climate action

We recognise that manufacturing and construction activities have an impact on the population, economy and environment. As a result, we have a duty of care to respect, support and protect the areas in which we operate. We want to do the right thing.

Our commitment
Reduce > Reuse > Recycle

Stage One is committed to the environment and is proud to hold ISO 14001:2015 certification in Environmental Management. Eliminating waste is one of the company’s main environmental focuses and, having achieved 0% to landfill in 2022, we are now aiming to maintain that target and improve waste management further. We actively recycle where we can, and have recently introduced ‘off cut’ bins where, for a small donation, staff can purchase off-cuts for personal projects to reduce waste. Donations are then given to a local charity at the end of the year. We are recycling more materials, including steel in a number of projects, and are looking to other resources including GluLam wood as an alternative to steel, and reusing pre-cast concrete pads cutting down carbon impact of builds. As one of the key contributors to creative construction, we want to be a voice in the conversation on change, and as part of the continuing conversation, our MD was recently selected to be a speaker at the ‘Modern uses of steel e-conference’. We will continue to research and develop alternative resources and will actively pass our learnings and recommendations onto our clients. The company uses an extensive list of local suppliers, from material to plant equipment, and uses a local haulage firm based in Tockwith.

In addition to cutting waste, we continue to reduce our travel and Co2 impact. We encourage carpooling and public transportation, and have electric vehicles in our fleet. We also have electric charging points at work. We continue to explore the use of renewable energy sources, and souring and utilising more sustainable products, and passing these recommendations onto our clients.  

Stage One plans to undertake an annual tree planting event with a large number of staff to help support our environment, planting a tree for every pack of paper used by the business.

Environmental policy

For over 25 years Stage One has provided diverse solutions and engineering for the event, entertainment, corporate communication and architecture industries. We have grown with these ever-evolving fields, investing in new technology whilst developing our own to enable us to provide solutions where others can’t.

We have provided innovative results for all manner of projects from engineering and motion control for large scale live public events, the construction of permanent and temporary installations and structures, to detailed sculptural interpretation.

We employ a whole spectrum of skilled professionals and are able to deploy their trades traditionally or to suit our latest manufacturing techniques. We believe that having all these capabilities under one roof, gives us the control and adaptability that cannot be matched by any other provider. To complement this, we constantly review and adapt the way we work in order to meet needs of a project or the expectations of a client. Our company is carefully structured to give the best possible service. The most senior level provides the project management, financial planning and resources infrastructure.

Stage One has identified that certain aspects of these activities have potential environmental impacts. These aspects and impacts have been assessed, and while it has chosen not to communicate this information externally, the company is committed to minimising these impacts.

The scope of our activities covered by the Management System here in Yorkshire extends to the design, development, manufacture and installation (operation of scenic engineering on site, the dismantling, return and disposal) of Events, Pavilions, Ceremonies, Scenic, Theatre, Engineering, TV & Film and Art Installations, whilst meeting our clients’ requirements and complying to the relevant regulatory standards.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

As part of our company values of integrity and quality, all staff are directly responsible for following our Environmental Policy. From putting paper in the correct bin to selecting the most carbon efficient means of transporting goods to site. We invite staff suggestions to improve environmental performance and implement these where practicable.

Environmental Objectives
Our goal is to encompass our company Vision, Mission, Values, Objectives and Strategies within our Environmental Management System, whilst providing products and services that minimise waste and promote recycling.

  • Reducing General Waste by increasing Dry Mix Recycling to 10% by the end of 2024
  • Continue to promote and monitor recycling by ensuring all packaging is 100% recyclable during 2024
  • Reduce the use of non-sustainable goods by continual identification of all non-sustainable products used throughout the business and review alternative products.
  • Reduce the amount of A3 and A4 paper used from 0.18 trees per person to 0.15 trees per person by end of 2024

We are committed to implementing and continually improving an Environmental Management System that cares for and protects the environment, whilst also meeting the requirements of the ISO (International Standards Organisation) i.e. Environmental Management System – BS EN ISO 14001:2015

Stage One delivers complex output but our business is simple. We make things. Our policy is to provide products and services that not only conform with the relevant legislation, but to set a new standard of environmental excellence in the field of creative construction and manufacturing.

We have used many of our environmental objectives to develop our long-term strategies including the reduction of our impact on the environment through reducing and managing our packaging needs by the selection of more environmentally friendly products. Wherever possible, we will also work alongside our suppliers, clients and other interested parties on practical beneficial environmental programmes with a view to improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve product choice.

An essential feature of our environmental management system is a commitment to continually improving on environmental performance and preventing waste. We aim to achieve this by setting environmental improvement objectives and targets which we regularly monitor and review.

Monitoring and reviewing all our suppliers from the supply of our timber to the disposal of our waste also plays a key role in our objectives of reducing non-sustainable goods. This will enable us to assess their environmental policies and allow us to seek to work with those suppliers who are taking steps to be environmentally responsible.

We aim to achieve our environmental objectives by establishing operational procedures, carrying out training and by monitoring our performance on a regular basis. Only by rigorous examination of the Environmental Objectives can we identify areas where improvements are required to maintain our position as an industry leader.

• Environment – Any surroundings in which the Company operates, including air, water, land, natural resources, fauna, flora and humans and their interrelationships
• EMS – Environmental Management Systems – Part of Company’s Business Management System used to manage environmental aspects, fulfil compliance obligations and address risk and opportunities.
• ISO – The International Standards Organisation is an independent, non-governmental international organization with a membership of 164 national standards bodies.

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