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Qmotion is a platform that provides reliable automation and control to a wide range of stage engineering hardware.

It’s typically used to move elements in creative performances and has been used on shows, spectaculars and reveals for more than 20 years. Qmotion can be scaled up neatly and can be used to lift a single piece of scenery or to control and automate a stadium-sized ceremony.

Qmotion can add a new level of creativity to events and productions.

It’s also surprisingly affordable and is available as dry hire or can be supplied with a skilled installation crew and operators.

We offer a range of flexible, scalable, and affordable options to accommodate different automation needs

Examples of use

A product launch where a single axis of control, for example one single console is attached to a revolving platform
Large entertainment events where 10 axes of control are required to move, lift or revolve anything on stage including artists, musical instruments or set pieces
Ceremonies where hardware is separated into universes to control up to 500 axes of movement to deal with a range of automation cues, all happening simultaneously

Automation simply refers to replicating that same control accurately time after time from rehearsal through to live performance.

In its simplest form Qmotion comprises three components: a control console, a drive and stage engineering ie. a winch, lift or revolve. It can be as low-key as a single console, drive and revolve, to a multi-layered system split into different universes, capable of controlling 500 axes and an extensive cue sheet.


We are able to offer our equipment direct to production companies as rental items


The Qmotion School of Technology

The Qmotion School of Technology is a training platform that allows individuals to become certified automation operators. Offering a range of courses from an introduction to automation through to advanced Qmotion programming, the syllabus is delivered by the creators of Qmotion.

Each unit is delivered in a trainer-led classroom environment and is supported by electronic and hardcopy training material. Each course includes practical exercises and allows hands-on access to control surfaces and hardware.

The function of the School of Technology is to produce safe and competent Qmotion operators and programmers.

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