Stage One

Year 2017

Astana Expo – Stage Lifts

Star Project
Congress Centre, Astana

We produce some visually stunning scenic work and delivered some fiendishly clever feats of engineering for this project. A significant portion of our work, however, lies in the manufacture of far less glamorous but by no means less important engineering such as these seven stage lifts for the Astana Expo 2017. These engineering workhorses helped deliver a series of dramatic shows including the opening and closing ceremonies of what was the first ever Expo hosted in Central Asia. We manufactured seven electromechanical chain drive lifts that were used in various configurations for performers and scenery. The largest 6m by 6m lift revealed key scenic items and performers from the basement, raising them to stage level. This was supported by a series of six 3m by 2m lifts, those installed on stage used individually or in a pair, while three backstage lifts were used for more practical purposes.

The shows took place in Astana’s Congress Centre. We provided an operator to assist with the delivery of all performances including additional shows that were added at short notice.


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