Stage One

Year 2018

Fast & Furious Live

Fast Live Productions

We created three customised vehicles and provided the automation behind a series of high-octane stunts. Our technical department put new developments into practice, allowing us to deliver controlled motion to technical set-pieces.

We provided automation engineering for a fuel tanker ‘crash’: the tanker travelling along a 50m track at up to 3m/s. Our team delivered additional technical support at short notice, creating a 3D rig for a Water Tower stunt that was working in just a few hours; and drives for a four-tonne train.

Our scenic team created a ‘Navistar’ military truck, fuel tanker and submarine. Taking a stripped back chassis, the truck was customised with additions including 3D printed grille and a stunt fire chamber. The tanker was given a distressed finish while the submarine comprised a clever GRP and fabric frame, built around an adapted forklift.


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