Stage One

Waugh Thistleton Architects

Throughout the process, we worked closely with the team at Waugh Thistleton Architects.

The architects designed it as a “flat pack” so sheets of Amercian Tulipwood could be aligned and slot into place. The main purpose of this decision was for sustainable use, it would allow the infrastructure to be assembled, disassembled and reused at different locations.

IMAGE: WAUGH THISTLETON. Axonometry diagram of the tulipwood CLT panels.

The specially-made 2.8m finger-jointed panels of cross laminated timber arrived at our workshops in 60mm or 100mm thicknesses. CLT is a very strong engineered wood, far stronger than standard timber, allowing for the thicker panels to be used in load bearing locations within the multi-levelled structure.

Image AHEC
Close up detail of the finger-jointed American tulipwood boards.
Image AHEC
Detail of the American tulipwood CLT panels at CSIC.
Image AHEC
Raw American tulipwood boards.

Working from the architect’s model, our CAD team added connections and construction details to the fabrication drawings for the workshop.

Production followed and our CNC machine made light work of the cross-laminated timber.

Image AHEC
Castellated edges are CNC'd out of the tulipwood CNC panels at Stage One.
Image AHEC
Finished CLT panels with castellated edges.
Image AHEC
Close up detail of the castellated edges.

The sheets of cross-laminated timber were connected with box joints and secured in place with knock down bolt connections to give a smart finish.

Image AHEC
Modules are quietly connected together using hand tools, in under a week.

At our facilities in Tockwith, the team test built segments to ensure on site installation would be as smooth as possible.

Image AHEC
Modules are prefabricated at Stage One before installation at the V&A.
Image AHEC

Our experienced pavilions team installed the structure at the V&A, taking care to protect the porcelain tiles of the Amanda Levete-designed Sackler Courtyard below. Therefore, the team calculated the build order and just how far the crane would reach.

Image AHEC
Pre-assembled modules are lifted into place efficiently and quietly by spider cranes.
Image AHEC

Neat lighting strips recessed around the entrance apertures glowed a welcoming yellow.

A versatile, hardwearing pavilion, MultiPly was first erected at the V&A before being reconfigured for installation at Milan Design Week 2019.


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