Stage One


Consultancy: Sharing our Knowledge

Knowledge. We’ve accrued a lot over the years. The nature and sheer range of our work has given us unique insight and we’re increasingly being asked to share what we know.

Consultancy is a lesser-known Stage One offering. We’ve always brought our knowledge, experience and expertise to bear during a project’s early stages but these days, it can also be used as a stand-alone service. Knowing the feasibility and potential cost of a project provides essential information that can translate ideas into reality.

“We can draw upon expert advice from a whole range of projects. Also, because we’re fabricators, we know how things are built, so during the consulting stage we can provide advice which will de-risk a project during fabrication and installation.”

Our consultancy team includes Chartered Structural, Civil and Mechanical Engineers who also have access to the whole range of expert knowledge embedded within the different Stage One departments. Together, they help clients who might know what they want to achieve, but don’t necessarily know how to achieve it.

Watch the video to hear more from our Principal Consultant, Simon Burrell.

Author: Emma Tinsley interviewing Simon Burrell