Stage One

Year 2016

Android Experiments

BrandFuel Ltd

We transformed two shipping containers into bespoke spaces for this event, creating a space for Android™ Experiments and a Google Play Music Studio. The fit out for Android Experiments included Baltic birch ply peg boards and an adaptable mounting system for the Android Team to display the latest interactive experiments. We created windows and also graphics cut from aluminium composite panels. A concrete-effect lino was laid on the floor and a full electrical fit out provided distribution for all devices and lighting.

In the Music Studio, we created a steel-framed timber and ply Android-shaped structure, roof-mounted and built to withstand high wind speeds. The studio featured two oak-effect barn doors, astro-turf floor and oak veneer wall panelling. Touch screens were mounted inside, along with pressure pad switches in the floor and upholstered booths to either side. Three sets of  over-sized pull-down headphones were manufactured in our 3D printing workshop and fitted with a ceiling-mounted spring mechanism for user adjustability. Outside, we manufactured concrete-effect branded planters, which were placed around the Android Garden.


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