Stage One

Year 2022

Android at MWC

BrandFuel Ltd

We’ve been building for Android at MWC since 2016. And for MWC 2022, we built the Google Home and Google Plaza. MWC is a landmark event in the mobile technology sector, a chance for brands to showcase their new technology.

That means that being able to control the details of a space, to create a coherent and comprehensive brand experience. Fortunately, we’re no stranger to details. The initial builds for this project actually started in 2020, but predictably, the MWC 2020 event was pulled. So, what we’d built would go into storage for nearly two years. Until the call came that MWC would return.

To avoid wasting the resources originally poured into the project, we re-purposed the materials from the earlier build. Our paint shop and wood shop took up most of the work, upgrading and refurbishing the materials.

Our primary job was to overhaul the interior of Google Home. An installation intended to replicate the environment that Google’s Home products would inhabit. To that end, we built new internal walls and a mezzanine level, to accommodate new decoration and products that enhanced the brand experience.

While the Google Plaza was an open-air social experience. Where we created ‘shops’ and ‘stalls’, that housed screens to show branded content, along with the benches and platforms that made the area a more sociable space.

But, as this is Stage One, there were some circumstances that made building the Android installation more than just a construction challenge. We had an area six metres wide to install the buildings, with no machinery or vehicles. And it had to be installed in just three days.

Considering the ambitious nature of these structures, that was no mean feat. And to accomplish it, we took a sizeable crew allowing us to operate for 24 hours, working in shifts. Meaning Android at MWC was delivered beautifully on time.


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