Stage One

Year 2017

Baku 2017 – 4th Islamic Solidarity Games

Islamic Solidarity Games Organising Committee
Baku National Stadium

Our crew were on site for two months installing a huge 90m by 65m bespoke stage that included two ponds and a series of long, interlocking walkways. Large reinforced sections and a 20m by 4m purpose-built ramp allowed for the dramatic entrance and procession of twenty galloping horses.

We designed and developed a new system for the steelwork substage specifically to meet the logistical and performance requirements of the shows. The stage floor itself comprised 2,770 individual sheets of plywood, each painted in a specially requisitioned corner of our test build hangar.

The stage was reconfigured for the closing ceremony which also saw us provide a mixture of 240 convex and concave foliage panels and different armature types for the 27m tall Tree of Life. This foliage was created from vacuum formed PETG, our CAD team working on the array of panels and the patterns machined using our 5 Axis CNC machines.


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