Stage One

Year 2018

Birmingham 2022 Handover

Dock Street Events

We responded to an extremely tight deadline to create a range of fun, over-sized, sport-themed props for Birmingham’s youthful and dynamic Handover segment in the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games closing ceremony.

It’s great to be involved in events like this and we have, in fact, had a hand in every ‘Friendly Games’ since Manchester 2002. This time, our scenic team produced a number of items including a 2.5m high replica shuttlecock. The shuttle’s small circular deck concealed a performer who emerged from between the bungee-mounted flight feathers to join a parkour performance across Birmingham’s Victoria Square. The sixteen shuttlecock feathers were created from polyethylene sheet with plastic pipe quills and were given a spray painted finish.

Using a range of specially printed stretch covers, we also helped transform Victoria Square’s existing stone spheres into hockey, squash, cricket and basket balls for the parkour performance. In addition, we delivered a large, 3m-long inflatable rugby ball and a lectern and replica microphones, identical to those used in the preceding section of the closing ceremony in Australia.



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