Stage One

Year 2020

BRIT Awards

The Brit Awards Ltd

We provided various staging elements for the 2020 Brit Awards ceremony, including the main ‘rain deck’ stage set for Stormzy and orchestra risers for Billie Eilish and Sir Rod Stewart. All three sets were created from a mix of stock units with bespoke elements, and all were turned around in just under a week.

The 13.5m wide set for Stormzy comprised four tiers with multiple split levels. With the rain segment forming the finale of Stormzy’s set, the timber boxes of each tier were lined with pond liner and topped with an anti-slip GRP grating. Over 100 performers took to the stage for this performance creating an impressive and memorable performance.

The event saw the first ever live performance of Billie Eilish’s Bond theme, No Time To Die. We created a 9.7m wide three-tiered set to accommodate the orchestra, with risers for additional musicians. An further tier was added for the slightly larger orchestra required for Rod Stewart’s performance, in addition to a riser for the conductor.

All the sets were finished with a black high-gloss laminate floor, with 3-axis CNC pre-cut tops creating the required curve to the front. Bespoke handrails were painted satin black and all sets fitted with specialist castors facilitating the quick set-changes required for the dynamic and high-profile show.


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