Stage One

Year 2022


Paul Bonomini
Scarborough, UK

Curated by Paul Bonomini in a response to the chaotic approach of governments around the world to climate change, Chaos was an immersive art installation in residency in Scarborough’s Old Parcel Office. 

Over 37m of 200mm diameter galvanised ducting pipes, twisted around one another to form an entangled sculpture. Sister company, Fluxaxis, 3D printed 860 individual components, so Paul could build his vision in miniature, before moving onto the final project. In just under a week, the team, along with sculptor Paul Bonomini, initially test-built the sculpture in Tockwith. Each piece was attentively coded, to support the crew when on site, allowing them to rebuild with ease. To create the immersive experience, speakers were cleverly concealed within the piping, which enhanced the soundscape of the thunderstorm, allowing it to echo around the room. 

In just three days Chaos was rebuilt and suspended above visitors by 24 anchor points to a steel frame, allowing them to move freely about the experience.


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