Stage One

Year 2018

Dancing on Ice


This was our second year working on the ITV Sunday evening prime-time show. Last year, we manufactured Dominic Tolfts’s dynamic design that used lightbox swirls, arches and edging to create a range of different lighting effects and a sense of fast, flowing movement.

This year, we built a new floor to accommodate an enlarged performance ice rink, also creating new fascia and ground row to fit. The entrance tunnel between the practice rink and the main rink was shortened slightly and new elements added to the performance side.

These included a large 4.4m by 4.5m curved LED lightbox end panel which was also fitted with flying irons to allow the Zamboni machine onto the rink to smooth and resurface it as needed.

We built some new units for the stage area where the dancers and presenters gather, integrating these with the previous iteration to create a new shape for 2019.



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