Stage One

Year 2023

Dragone Terhal

Diriyah, Saudi Arabia

Dragone’s Terhal was an ambitious celebration of culture that began life in a rehearsal space in Dubai before the entire set was transported to a newly built theatre in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. Delivered in a two-phases, Stage One provided both the production rigging and aerial package for this event including an automation crew for the entire four-month duration of the project.

Stage One supplied the hexagonal mother grid that was carried on 45 chain hoists. This grid provided a mounting point for the winch diverts that formed part of the flying system for aerialists and scenery.
We supplied seven winches and associated drives for this show. These winches were used to fly carefully choreographed aerialists and also to move large scenic components including a giant sun that rose above the horizon to create a dazzling piece of performance. Our Qmotion software provided show control, and performed well in technically challenging show conditions where multiple acts were being performed on the same wire.

The rapid configurability of our kit allowed the transition from rehearsal in Dubai to installation in Diriyah to be very efficient. Moving into a custom built theatre in the desert that was built in just a few weeks required a level-headed and flexible approach from our installation crew and riggers. Working around others who were still installing the lighting, sound, seating blocks and services demanded a very collaborative approach. The combined result was astonishing. An incredible show performed on what only weeks before had been bare earth.

Following the production, the derigged equipment was returned to our warehouse in Abu Dhabi for future rental.


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