Stage One

Year 1998

Four Family Rides for Windsor


We conceived and constructed four major rides for the theme park, each requiring equal parts manufacturing and design innovation.

  • Fairy Tale Brook: a slow moving boat ride of 24 bespoke GRP leaf boats using an 8m diameter rotary loader allowing for continuous loading and unloading.
  • The Dragon Coaster: a 550m rollercoaster with 3 trains. The biggest and fastest ride at the resort, it uses gravity and in-track tyre drives to weave passengers through a scenic castle full of animated displays. Incorporating high elevator drop-offs, it was constructed on a hilly landscape and required a parallel maintenance track.
  • The Dragon’s Apprentice is a smaller version of the Dragon Coaster for younger children.
  • Balloon School for Intrepid Adventurers: a magical looking outdoor adaptation of a previous successful balloon ride. Interactive passenger-controlled arms realistically simulate the calm experience of a hot air balloon, allowing children to control 360° views. The unique movement is aided by gas-valve cables and bespoke passenger control system.

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