Stage One

Year 2019

The Google Beach

Set Creative

The mantra ‘Recycle, Reuse and Reduce’ underpinned the entire brief for this year’s activation at Cannes. Second-hand scaffolding boards, stock layher scaffolding and commercial palettes were used to great effect for the build, helping provide a shady yet vibrant environment on the large 50m by 25m beach plot.

Huge sheets of triple-wall opal polycarbonate were used to create far more shade than in previous years. Specially sourced, this product not only allowed for greater light transparency, but will also be stored by us and reused on future projects. Astute planning during design, our large storage capacity and collaboration with local suppliers all helped us fulfill the sustainable ambitions of both project and client.

While we reused key elements from previous years such as the specially-designed sub-floor, specific structural components such as the steel proscenium arch were manufactured to order in our metal shop. The creative use of second-hand materials and simple scenic finishes gave each of the eleven areas including Main Stage, YouTube Bar, ‘Unplug’ and Out of Office, a bright and distinctive look. This was our 6th year helping deliver this highly successful brand event.


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