Stage One

Year 2015

Google Creative Beach

Flourish Creative
Cannes, France

Summer 2015 saw us back on the beach constructing the ‘Google on the Beach’ event at Cannes Lions. The build comprised a variety of structures creating different zones: a reception, main stage, beach bar and further interactive areas including a ‘flag structure’, volleyball spectator seating and show control areas.

The overall design by renowned graphic artist Anthony Burrill was based around nautical signal flags whose colours, shapes and formats were featured in the shape of the structures themselves as well as their scenic treatment. Printed plywood, stained ply and wisa ply were used to bring colour and textural variety, with the most famous Google logos being printed to ensure authenticity of the iconic brand identities. External logos were outlined with integral LEDs providing night-time illumination.

The main stage hosted specially invited YouTubers such as The Slow Mo Guys, while the flag structure housed custom-built demonstration zones. We constructed supplementary spaces around the C6N structure, providing extra space for further demos and scheduled lightening talks.


Anthony Burrill

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