Stage One

Year 2023

Gucci Cosmos Ancora

A glass structure housing LED screens
Glass and steel box structure
Red glass box structure
LED screen display housed within a glass & steel box structure
A red glass box structure installation

The final installation of the travelling archival exhibition Gucci Cosmos was the Gucci Ancora room. Housed within a structure of glass and steel, the outer glass casing tinted in the signature Rosso Ancora shade of red, LED screens displayed images of phrases and fragments.

The whole structure was 3.5m wide, 8m long and 2.2m high, it was designed specifically to accommodate the existing building columns, and to be installed within a very confined space whilst not interrupting the flow of the visitor experience.

The mirrored floor and ceiling were encapsulated within the structure and held within a top and bottom glazing rail system, which were finished around the perimeter with an aluminium coping, leaving the structure to seem as if it was floating just above the floor.

This steel frame system allowed for the integration of LED screens that displayed strong video narrative content.


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