Stage One

Year 2008

Hitachi Inspire Life Event

The Liquid Way

This extensive scenic build contract for client The Liquid Way, involved the total fitting out and masking of the QE2 Centre’s third floor. Eight distinct areas were constructed for international brand Hitachi, to create an entire walk-through experience entitled ‘Inspire Life 2008’. Products from across Hitachi’s range were on show throughout the exhibition which was attended by an audience that included top business executives, MEP’s and government representatives.

The project and the venue presented the two major, but not unusual, challenges of time and access: four trucks of scenery, a third floor fit out and just 72 hours to complete. Our extensive experience constructing traditional sets and scenery, however, meant that the project was delivered on time, within budget and to the high specification required. The eight different areas were defined using around 1000m2 of flattage. Within these areas we also provided enclosed walkways, raked seating for an auditorium and a staged area. We provided masking and filled cloth covering of two 10m x 10m circular trusses and a number of worktops, desks and units to house TV’s, monitors and interactive screens. Around 130m2 of artificial grass was also laid.

We installed three large projection screens, the largest of which was 38 metres wide and located in the ‘Fabric of Life’ area where we created a grassy knoll from where the audience could watch the action. We also created a garden and scenically reproduced a domestic garage, which involved the hand painting of a 10m long fake brick wall complete with the application of shelves, light boxes and a false beamed roof. Our workshops also created an impressive 1.5m diameter spinning globe, constructed from GRP and meticulously hand painted to realistically represent the world.

A slightly smaller version of the same set was provided at a further Hitachi event in Paris.


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