Stage One

Year 2008

Lexus Live


Creating a complete, branded environment for marketing company AMCI allowed us to draw on many areas of expertise. In this case, the experiential environment for Lexus was contained within a temporary De Boer structure with both the structure and the interior having to be dismantled, adapted and rebuilt for a second venue, incorporating changes as directed by the client. This required our approach to include a higher degree of flexibility than might usually be expected.

The first venue was located at the side of the ADAC test track at Lüneburg and after two-and-a-half days, the whole experience was moved adjacent to the Hockenheimring. A seven day fit-up period was required for each location with over 30 personnel on site. The extremely tight build schedule saw our UK workshops manufacture all required elements for the 1250m2 venue in just over two weeks.

Following the designs of Platform, a contemporary, high-spec feel was created throughout with 5m high white curved backing walls dividing the space into different functional areas. Applied graphics were used on walls throughout the venue with vinyl keylines being applied to the floor around the cars. Information stands were also provided for each car. Materials such as rubber, bamboo, acrylic and both white and wood laminates were used throughout, alongside high gloss finishes and large format digital prints, all of which reinforced the luxurious brand experience.


We fitted the spacious Reception Area with a laminate wood floor along with constructing a large white feature wall with alcoves, each alcove recess finished using dark grey rubber matting. Opposite, we built a long, white laminate reception desk with a backroom/store area to the rear, providing back-up for the registration. This was concealed behind a 5m high white stud wall upon which we positioned the welcome sign, made from fret-cut polished aluminium and the Lexus logo, cut from black acrylic – both with invisible fixings.


This area was created using the 5m high white curved wall sections, white laminate floor, long black gloss louvre wall panels and clutches of bamboo poles mounted in white pebble bases. Two orientation tables were constructed from acrylic topped light boxes and completed with a high gloss paint finish. A round car plinth, dressed with white pebbles, was constructed to display the RX400h and was located in front of a stunning 4.2m Lexus logo cut from black acrylic, raised off the wall and rear mounted with white LED’s.

The guests were engaged with a series of questions and answers: questions being asked via vinyl text applied to the floor, whilst answers were printed onto 850mm square acrylic panels, some mounted over 3m high large format digital background prints applied to the walls. We provided a base unit for a glass Holopro screen and also CNC’d some Japanese lettering from white Foamex which were mounted onto the white walls for a subtle ‘Zen’ like effect.


The key scenic element of this area was the interactive Takoma bench that provided guests with information about the cars. It was constructed from a white gloss carcass with a black gloss top and featured white acrylic poles with suspended headphones. The bench contained various elements including integrated iPod Touch consoles, graphics and colour match swatches. We also provided the many large format digital prints and graphics that were mounted and applied to the walls and floor.


The dominant feature of this area was the ‘cinema’ that we created by changing the floor finish to carpet, fitting a 5m by 3m 3D screen and a ‘roof’ canopy supported by two columns. We also constructed a desk from which the 3D environment was controlled and provided the wall mounted large format digital prints.

Throughout both venues we provided and installed other items including a circular podium to display the RX400h at the external entrance to the venue, sellotex sound proofing panels to the walls and ceiling in the Decompression Tunnel area; various elements in the Confidence and Performance areas including further curved black louvre panels, various graphics and lightboxes; joinery for the celebrity chef catering area and a backstage food preparation area. We also provided wall mounting for various screens throughout the environment.

Finally, we constructed external terraces from the raked decking that formed the entrance, to the Drive Deck terrace – complete with children’s area – at the end. This formed the finale for the guests’ experience, providing them with the opportunity to take the Lexus cars for a test drive.



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