Stage One

Year 2018

Made by Google


This modular and versatile suite of touring sets worked in numerous different 360°configurations. Demonstrating Google’s Home Hub, each comprised a series of walk-through domestic environments complete with specially sourced props in the appropriate Google colours.

We made five sets: one 9m by 9m; two 4m by 4m and two 3m by 3m; the 360° orientation meaning every façade was visible. A white picket fence framed the perimeter and all external-facing elevations were given a scenic brickwork finish. Internally, each set included a scenic kitchen, bedroom and living area complete with specially made furniture and fittings. A large range of colour-themed props were carefully matched to the specific Google shades.

Each set also included a garden area with a ‘Selfie Shed’, the plain shed exterior hiding a fun selfie opportunity with giant ice lollies embedded in the walls. To the centre of each set, a free-standing Swag Bar provided visitors with giveaways. The modular cassette flooring and double-sided MDF dividing walls helped achieve a quick turnaround between venues. A high-quality finish was used throughout, reflecting the brand as well as ensuring the sets looked their best at each venue on the tour.


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