Stage One

Year 2014

McBusted UK Tour UFO

Production North Ltd

As part of the sell-out McBusted UK tour, we provided an 8m diameter UFO to ‘fly’ the band to the stage in a suitably dramatic manner. Although clipped on for safety, the system allowed all five guitarists to make good use of the full 360° stage surface.

Manufactured from a timber clad steel frame, the spaceship was finished with a mirrored vinyl and featured flexistrip LED lighting encapsulated within the transparent vacu-packed perimeter profile. Further LED lighting was fitted to the underside, along with a trap door that allowed band members to enter and exit the spaceship.

We also fitted a handrail around the central rotating drum riser and provided a ‘landing pad’ complete with four legs. The UFO was flown using each venue’s in-house system.


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