Stage One

Year 2023

Motherly Sculptures

Fredrikson & Stallard
Large 3D printed sculptures
3D printing
3D printing
3D printed
3D printed sculptures

Approximately 1.5 metres in height each, these four unique large-scale sculptures were simply too big to fit in our 3D printers in one piece. Taking the model provided, our 3D printing team Fluxaxis expertly segmented the designs to be manufactured in sections.

Composed of ASA, a 3D printing material known for its accuracy and stability, the desired finer detail of this art installation could be achieved. Each sculpture was built with an internal cavity to accommodate a metal rod that served as its core, enhancing the rigidity of the structure whilst providing the means for it to be mounted into an upright position for display.

This project consisted of a total of 10 builds, which, combined took 849 hours to complete, utilising 98kg of material. Each individual piece was then bonded together, ensuring any joint lines were inconspicuous, and finished by our scenic team, creating a colourful and coherent installation.


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