Stage One

Year 2020

Phantom of the Opera Mothergrid

In November we installed and operated a mothergrid solution for Phantom of the Opera in Taipei, Taiwan.

The project involved installing a 30m x 13m truss mothergrid that was flown at 22m using 35 one-tonne chainhoists. Once installed the grid was home to 23 fly bars that were automated by our winches. The whole system was controlled by our Qmotion control and automation product.

Crew logistics were made more complex by a mandatory 14-day quarantine process whereby our guys were confined to their hotel room for the first two weeks of the job. However, during their confinement, the crew entertained themselves by recreating scenes from classic movies, pencil sketching and in some instances, thousands of press-ups.

The success of the job was testament to a great client and dedicated crew. Working overseas in pandemic times is never easy, but we found a way through all of the challenges presented.


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