Stage One

Year 2017

Pitch Battle

Tuesday's Child

The multi-leveled Pitch Battle set filled the entire 550sqm area of the Dock 10 television studio. With audience enthusiasm a major currency in this vocal harmony competition, the set had to deliver impact with intimacy.

The main performance area was on three levels, with two 8m long runways passing either side of the judges’ desk, leading to the large main stage area. Both the main stage and the runways featured LED video floors recessed into the black gloss dance floor. Speakers were also recessed into the main stage and covered with bespoke grilles.

The large rear video wall provided entry points for contestants, while four curved staircases linked the main stage to mezzanine balconies along each side and to the rear of the studio. These accommodated standing areas for the audience, a viewing area for contestants and a dedicated stage for the house band. We provided bespoke steel handrails along each balcony, manufactured especially to accommodate the long LED screens mounted along the entire length. The set was made to be easy to dismantle and reinstall for the high-energy live final.


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