Stage One

Year 2017

Rolls Royce Phantom Reveal

Bonhams, London

We helped created this elegant, multi-tiered chandelier for the reveal of the brand-new Rolls Royce Phantom. Stylish and automated, the chandelier reflected the quality of the brand while keeping the car in the spotlight.

Working in collaboration with Blinding Light, we manufactured the oval structure of three nesting automated rings. Each ring was made in four sections using 25mm rolled steel tube truss, the base plate for each section laser cut with over 750 holes to accommodate the many drop LEDs. The entire 8.5m by 6m rig was test built in one of our hangars.

An exhibition of artefacts and bespoke cars created for iconic figures such as Sir Winston Churchill and John Lennon examined the history of the brand. We created a mini stage and series of plinths for the cars and exhibits as well as providing scenic flats, graphics and the red carpet. This event required high-spec finishes and exceptional attention to detail.

Watch the reveal.


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