Stage One

Year 2009

Scotch Whisky Experience Dark Ride

The Scotch Whiskey Experience

As Scotland’s national drink, Scots take their whisky heritage very seriously. Designed to immerse visitors in the whisky making process via an automated tour, this dark ride at Edinburgh’s The Scotch Whisky Experience features barrel-themed passenger cars running on an intricately curved track. Rotating turntables allow a disabled barrel car to be accommodated into the ride system and also allow for ease of maintenance. We also provided the control system as well as various scenic elements.

As lead supplier for the virtual distillery we designed and installed a new track and bogie design to work within a complex space, negotiating the building’s characterful clearances and corners. Together with accompanying AV installations, the ride guides visitors through ten areas, each describing a different stage in the production of malt whisky, such as malting, the mash-tun, distillation and maturation.


Adrian Ray

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