Stage One

Year 2016

Serpentine Summer House Yona Friedman

The Serpentine Galleries

This lightweight, modular structure builds on Yona Friedman’s pioneering concept of ‘La Ville Spatiale’ published during the 1950’s and which explored the possibilities of improvisation within architecture. This summer house is one of the four additional structures commissioned by the Serpentine Gallery as part of their extended architectural programme for 2016 and comprises a total of 198 hoops that make up 33 ‘cubes’ arranged in five layers.

Each hoop was made from 16mm bright bar rolled into semi circles around a jig in order to achieve the correct radius. To create the cubes, a box-like jig was made with apertures to allow for welding from the outside. Each cube was then weathered outside our workshops.


Consulting Engineers
Iwan Baan & Jude Palmer

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