Stage One

Year 2019

Sigala – Tour Set

Black Skull Creative

This mirrored pyramid made its debut at Radio One’s 2019 Big Weekend in Middlesbrough. We collaborated with the client on the design, manufacturing the set to fit the different sized stages encountered on the tour.

Drawing inspiration from the ancient Mayan Pyramids, the design included stepped sides leading up to a flat top, which functioned as a DJ Booth. The steps were purely aesthetic, with concealed ladders providing DJ access. Following the Big Weekend, the pyramid toured with Sigala as a support act for Craig David and had to adhere to numerous regulations: each individual section could not exceed 2.5m by 2.5m and set-up time could not exceed twenty minutes. All seven sections were fitted with castors, while removable bottom sections could reduce the footprint from 6m by 6m to 3m by 3m.

Manufactured predominantly from 18mm ply, the pyramid also incorporated CNC’d metal structural elements. Each vertical facet of the pyramid was covered with a mirror laminate, the top surfaces finished with silver paint and the steps lined with LEDs.

See the pyramid in action during Signal’s set at the Big Weekend here.


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