Stage One

Year 2019

The Ultimate Lap’ Silverstone

Figment Productions
The Silverstone Experience Museum

We fabricated and installed a wrap-around projection dome and pre-show area for The Ultimate Lap show at the brand-new Silverstone Experience Museum.

We divided the space, creating a pre-show area themed like a Formula 1 pit stop including a scenically painted grid box on the floor. Once the pre-show was over, the screen retracted and a garage door opened to allow the audience into the dome. At 11m across and 6m at its highest, the dome provided a sound-proofed and immersive environment for the show. It was constructed from an inter-locking faceted steel frame onto which 25 GRP panels were bolted using custom made bracketry and concealed fixings.

We created moulds for the upper and lower tiers of panels, and for the individual special panels. All were manufactured and finished in our GRP workshop before a High Quality paint finish was applied in a TV grey. Careful consideration was given to the practicalities of installation, in particular to the careful manoeuvering of the panels into position. On site crew included a finishing team who ensured all panel joins were smooth, creating a flawless projection surface for a dynamic and thrilling show.


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