Stage One

Year 2017

Twitter Beach – Cannes Lions

Cannes Beach

We manufactured and installed three cantilevered ‘wave’ pavilions to provide shaded spaces for meetings, talks and partying at this international festival of creativity. Each unit narrowed towards a central hub area which included a 4m circular stage.

The 5m high wave structures comprised curved and straight steel ‘I’ beam sections, timber beams and whitewashed decking floors. All steel sections were fabricated and painted in our workshops where they were also pre-cut with holes to allow for the fitting of specially made brackets to hold the timber beams. All beams were stained dark, providing a contrast to the light-grey painted steel, while the tapered shape of the structures required each timber beam to be cut to a specific length.

Each unit required a sub-assembly recessed into the sand. The 400kg steel beams were craned onto the beach and manoeuvred into position manually, the upper sections hoisted by manual winch. Our crew also constructed two control rooms, providing safe, air conditioned environments for the required technical equipment.



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