Stage One

Accelerating towards a greener future

31 Aug 2022
Written by Tim Leigh

We’re accelerating towards a greener future. In an effort to reduce the company’s carbon footprint, you may spot us cruising between the workshops and the wider region in our new electric Citroën Ë-Berlingo.

We’ll be looking to substitute all our vans with a fleet of electric vehicles soon.

03 Aug, 2022

Stage One Stories with Alex McVeigh

We had a catch up with Alex, an account handler at Stage One, to look back at some of his highlights, discuss current challenges in the industry and consider the developments that may happen in the future.

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04 Jul, 2022

EXPO2020 is awarded a prestigious certificate

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23 Feb, 2022

The Expo Challenge

Opening to a ceremony with a cast of hundreds and an audience of millions, it was also the start to a full six months of daily shows. Over 100 shows imagined by creatives from all over the world.

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07 Feb, 2022

The Best Laid Plans

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13 Dec, 2021

So, How Are We Going to Make This?

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