Stage One

Life on Site

Life on site is tough. Not only is it hard work, but you spend months on end away from home and always – always – there’s that immovable deadline. We spoke to Technical Project Manager, Kallum Bramham, and Operations Director, Rob Parkin about how they make the best of life on site.

Rob: “The jobs we do are mostly ceremonies work, so, the big live events in stadiums. And they’re hard. Installations usually go on for at least a month and then depending on what it is, you can run into two months of rehearsals, longer sometimes.”

And as Kallum points out, they’re often working in unusual locations, probably not your usual holiday destination. From -40° in PyeongChang to 40° in Turkmenistan, our on-site crew have pretty much worked through whatever the thermometer has thrown at them.

Kallum: “It might be a struggle, it might be quite hard. At least we get to see them kind of places. We’re quite lucky really.”

So what’s the secret to managing for so long and so far from home? Camaraderie plays a huge part, as does the Stage One container kitchen. Then there’s ‘Dinner Club’…

Watch the video below to find out more.

Author: Emma Tinsley