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Serpentine Pavilions

[UK] Artist: Various
2009 - 2022
Serpentine Gallery

Diverse interpretations of a space. The Serpentine Pavilions range from ornate intricacy to bold simplicity.

The annual summer pavilion at London’s Serpentine Gallery is an established highlight of both the London art scene and the global architectural calendar. The commission provides a showcase for contemporary architecture and for the last 19 years has presented a series of uniquely varied and diverse structures.

2013: Sou Fujimoto
The pavilions attract over 300,000 visitors during the summer and regularly feature as one of the top 10 most visited architectural and design exhibitions in the world.
2014: Smiljan Radic

Each year we work closely with the Gallery, architect and structural engineers to realise the design; manufacturing then installing the structure on the lawn outside Background the gallery in Kensington Gardens.

2015: SelgasCano
2016: Bjarke Ingles Group
2017: Kéré Architecture
2018: Frida Escobedo

Each pavilion has a small café area and hosts a series of events throughout the summer months before being dismantled and relocated in the autumn.

2019: Junya Ishigami
2021: Sumayya Vally and Counterspace
2022: Black Chapel by Theaster Gates
Behind the design
2009 - 2022
Serpentine Gallery

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