Stage One

Year 2018

Magic Mike Live

Mike's Mobile Revue, London
Hippodrome Casino Theatre

This venue provided an intimate setting for the London staging of this highly successful Vegas show. With audience participation key, the theatre itself was themed with a combination of burnt wood panelling and rich, ornate fabric covered panels. With the audience sitting so close, precision and attention to detail were key to delivering a convincing environment.

The 30+ fabric-covered panels came in four different designs. Each comprised a metal frame around an acrylic panel, covered with a specially printed stretch fabric and back-lit to create a series of lightboxes. The fabric pattern flowed precisely from panel to panel across multiple sections, the wood mouldings given an aged patina with whiskey-rubbed brass paint.

With limited space for working on-site, all panels were manufactured in our workshops and adjusted in the theatre to accommodate vents, grilles, doors and the existing uneven floor surface, all whilst retaining the continuity of pattern. We also created the large circular bed, upholstered in a buttoned faux leather and raised on a fringe-trimmed platform.


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