Stage One

Year 2022

About Us – Unboxed 2022

59 Productions Ltd

Unboxed 2022 is a celebration of creativity throughout the UK. Stage One was initially selected to consult on how 59 Productions might create a series of video towers to showcase local art and artists. Our consultants balanced the realities of execution while staying true to the original design intent.

Drafting up initial drawings to work out how we would resolve the more challenging components, we then went on to produce a single prototype video tower. This allowed us and our clients to assess how it worked and how easy it would be to install and de-rig including a assessment and troubleshooting of the integration of complex AV and technology.

We were subsequently commissioned to produce and tour all 18 video towers. After the towers had been sent to manufacture, we conducted a dry-run test build of each of the units in our workshops. Once form and function were certified, they were safely packaged and transported to Paisley, the location of the opening ceremony of Unboxed 2022.

From there we de-rigged and installed these towers at each of the six stops of the Unboxed ‘About Us’ tour.


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