Stage One

Year 2022

Adele – BST Hyde Park

Hyde Park, London

Summer 2022 saw the return of multi-award winning artist Adele. Over 130,000 fans flocked to Hyde Park for this highly-anticipated event — in which our hydraulic lifts provided the big reveal moment for the show.

We have an extensive catalogue of lifts for hire at our facilities, and for this event, the client required the grand piano to be gradually lifted from substage, with the pianist on it, into place seamlessly for the Grammy-award winning song ‘Someone Like You’. To achieve this, three lifts were connected to create a safe and synchronised platform. Due to their size, each needed to be sunk into the ground to allow enough space for the piano and performer to be moved under stage ahead of the performance. 

The hydraulic systems for all three lifts were synchronised to provide a fluid ascent and descent during the performance. In addition, the workshop turned gold as we manufactured the glamorous catwalk and stage cladding that surrounded the lift.


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