Stage One

Year 2022

Trent Water

Severn Trent Water
Birmingham, UK

37 units 

220 taps 

430,920 refills

Sustainability is critical for many of our clients, and we facilitate where we can, whether completing a build or passing on recommendations. For example, Birmingham’s bold ambition was to deliver the Commonwealth Games with a carbon-neutral legacy. As part of this, sponsors Severn Trent actively encouraged punters to Reuse>Refill >Repeat by providing a suite of hydration stations across the city, reducing the need for single-use plastics. That’s when we stepped in. We manufactured 37 refill units to help hundreds of thousands of people stay hydrated. Two core design routes were rolled out across different models and sizes; one focused on graphical brand promotion and the other with an eye-catching “sporty” vibe that could cater for the masses and avoid long queues. Both consisted of a sturdy steel base, topped with a timber framework and clad with different finishes. The workshops were incredibly efficient at delivering these units, powering through drawing, machining, fabrication and assembly to complete and deliver on time. 

Now, we’re accustomed to working with water. Over the years, we’ve created many memorable showpieces that have drenched artists from a height; last year, we even built a showpiece on a reservoir – this, however, was the first time we’ve worked with a plumber. We developed the build schedule to include time for the intricate plumbing to be fixed inside before we completed the process and delivered the units to the site. In addition, each tap had an electronic counter hardwired into the unit, allowing the site team to monitor the scheme’s success. As a result, nearly 431,000 refills were recorded during the games, with some units being repurposed to continue the mission of reducing single-use plastic. It’s a boost to receive statistical evidence that our work has contributed to Birmingham’s goal.


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