Stage One

Year 2014

Art of the Everyday Object

The Serpentine Gallery
Sackler Gallery

Renowned for his tongue-in-cheek attitude and use of relatively banal, everyday objects in creating his artworks, this water sculpture by French artist Bertrand Lavier was formed from numerous brightly coloured hosepipes. A playful take on the formal fountain, jets of water spray from multiple colourful hosepipes clustered together over a GRP pond.

Working to Lavier’s designs, our crew undertook the complete installation from groundworks, fitting the necessary water and power supplies and water filtration system, as well as sourcing and fitting all hosepipe components.

Our workshops manufactured the GRP pond while we worked with Water Sculptures to refine the fountain’s performance. The fountain was installed in the grounds of the Sackler Gallery as part of the Serpentine’s ongoing programme of commissioning outdoor works.


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