Stage One

Year 2019

BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2019


This was our eighth year installing the set for the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year Show. The show is broadcast live from a different venue each December, with 2019’s taking place in Aberdeen. The same striking and versatile set has been used for the last five years, the configuration modified to fit the size and layout of each venue. Designed by Dominic Tolfts and manufactured here at Stage One, it returns to us between shows for maintenance, storage and any necessary modifications. Many of the sets we build are used for consecutive seasons of filming in this way and we have dedicated space to ensure these can be checked, repaired and stored safely.

We installed the set at Aberdeen’s brand new P&J Live venue, widening the stage and adding a new central staircase entrance for the presenters. The main halo arrangement of LEDs was reinstalled, together with the large LED swooshes and wand features. The LED tiled floor was replaced, creating a larger central area for the various guest acts and ramps were created along the curved edge of the main stage. The floor, which covers 160 stage decks, was covered with a brand new black laminate, ensuring the set looked the part for its starring role in the flagship BBC show.


Set Design
Dominic Tolfts

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