Stage One

Year 2019

Haribo Goldbears

Haribo UK

We made fifteen of these oversized replica Goldbear sweets for Haribo’s newly refurbished Castleford office. Manufactured from acrylic and dyed in five different Haribo colours, the wall-mounted bears were lit from behind, the acrylic diffusing a jelly-like glow.

Invisibly mounting the translucent bears onto the existing dry lined wall posed a particular challenge. With no rear access and the lighting already in situ, it was important to develop a means of attaching the bears that was as invisible as possible. We worked with the client’s 3D model, adapting it to ensure the bears had a flat back and could sit as flush as possible to the wall, while prototyping helped us develop the combination of cast acrylic rods and machined aluminium fixings that held the bears snugly in place.

With a tight deadline and each bear taking five days to cure, we created five identical silicone moulds using our HP MJF 3D printer to accurately produce the negative template. Bespoke jigs held the acrylic fixing rods in place during the long curing process, the rods facilitating installation and enabling our crew to firmly push each bear into position. The neat, colouful rows of bears provided the Haribo office with an eye-catching and mouth-watering on-brand feature.


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