Stage One

Year 2019

BBC Studios MIPCOM Pavilion

Cheerful Twentyfirst
MIPCOM, Cannes

Although 18 months in gestation, the installation of this large and impressive pavilion was condensed into just six days. At 35m by 15m and reaching 7m in height, the two storeys housed meeting rooms, breakout areas, workspaces and bars and provided BBC Studios with an iconic, landmark structure that can be repurposed for future events.

The clever design included a facade of 9,250 aluminium discs, their pitch precisely engineered to limit glare from the sun whilst providing long-reaching views at eye level. The long, undulating front facade was created from vertical ribs of discs, each one on runners, that concertinaed together to create a 10m opening along the upper floor that overlooked the beach.

Installing such a large structure in such a short time required a systemised approach across CAD, workshops, logistics and site. A comprehensive test-build informed our work on site, enabling us to deliver a complex design and stylish environment.

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