Stage One

Year 2019

Touring Stage Props

Double D Live Ltd

We were asked by our client to create a series of 2.5m high 1.5m wide masks for a rap artist’s performances at Leeds/Reading Festival and Brixton Academy. The transparent masks took direct reference from the cover design for rapper Headie One’s album and were created from a vacuum-formed acrylic, complete with stylised eye apertures.

Our large volume 5-Axis CNC facility was used to sculpt a mould from layered MDF which was used for the vacuum-forming process. A plywood trim was fitted to the plastic flange around the outer edge of each mask, allowing for all fixings to be attached to the rear and concealed from view. We made bespoke transport crates for the masks and supplied a kit of components to facilitate rigging by each venue’s in-house team.

We made four masks: three for the performances plus a spare. A single mask was used for the gig at Leeds/Reading, while for Brixton Academy, three masks were rigged vertically on top of each other to create an impressive backdrop for the headline show.


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