Stage One

Year 2019

The Pearl – Splendor

Five Currents
Splendor Theatre, Wuxi, China

The 2.6m Pearl was created for ‘Splendor’, the much-anticipated new show from Franco Dragone. Opening at the Splendor Show Theatre in Wuxi, China, the show featured two wirelessly controlled, battery-powered flown pieces: the Pearl and the Straw Platform.

The Pearl sphere was flown in from the roof, eight individually actuated ‘petals’ hinged around a steel frame, delicately opening to reveal a performer inside. Careful consideration was given to space: batteries, wireless control units, actuators and motors all had to be accommodated within the GRP base, underneath the performer platform. Each petal comprised laser-cut 3mm aluminium sections, half-lapped and welded together into an elegant open lattice and covered with a pearlescent fabric. The Pearl landed centre stage, its GRP base fitting neatly into a recessed stand.

The Straw Platform was a decorative piece comprising multiple strands, each tipped with an LED encased with frosted acrylic. Our technical team and workshops worked together to ensure both pieces were as lightweight as possible, providing reliable and user-friendly pieces for this permanently installed show.


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