Stage One

Year 2019

ITV’s The Voice


This is our fourth year installing the set for ITV’s primetime show, The Voice. The same set has been used since the show’s reincarnation on ITV, with our team adding any modifications to the design that might be required.

This year, our team carried out refurbishments including adapting the central area of the main stage to accommodate a new LED floor as well as fitting a new laminate floor surface across the entire set. We also made new travel crates to protect the set during transportation. The Voice has a full-on schedule taking in six different configurations and two locations each year. Each change comes with a slightly different layout or additions and the repeated use and remodelling rely heavily on the quality of our original workshop build and the diligence of our crew on-site. Between the various Voice recordings, the set returns to or hangars for maintenance, additions and storage. We have dedicated space for this and an on-going programme for the maintenance and care of all sets.

Large and high-spec, The Voice set comprises a main stage flanked by four 10m high ‘V’ units and a central feature ‘V’ logo. Each ‘V’ unit is fitted with rows of horizontal lightbox strips, while a series of large rectangular lightboxes linked all four units to create an impressive backdrop that allows for numerous lighting effects.


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